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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Learning programmes

    Learning programmes

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    Angers: a unique and complete training offer on plant science

    Angers is one of the first high Education Training Centres in France on plant science with 2500 students/year and a unique and complete offer on “specialized crops” characterised by a continuum from baccalaureate level to doctoral degree and an excellent support for research and close links with major economic players.

    Angers stands out for

    • its unique engineer diploma in Horticulture or landscaping in France offered by Agrocampus Ouest. Agrocampus Ouest is an elite engineering college for life and environmental sciences and technologies under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture. It offers a double diploma with sister universities in Brazil and Germany and is involved in several ERASMUS+ programs.
    • a wide range of courses in ten major sectors in agriculture offered by the Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures (ESA). ESA is a private institute of higher education and research for life sciences under contract with the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is a leading French operator for European exchanges (Erasmus + programs), developing partnerships with 150 universities around the world, hosting students from 35 different nationalities.

    • the 5-year cursus ‘”CMI, Figure Network”, set up by University of Angers, dedicated to a handful of selected students having a high interest for plant biology and big data.
    • the MSc in Plant Biology and Technology (PBT) is the flagship of the Plant Science program in Angers. Relying on the complementary expertise of the teaching teams including both Angers and Nantes universities and engineering schools in equal proportion, and researchers from INRA, the Msc PBT is a disciplinary-oriented program that covers all aspects of plant sciences, biotechnology and plant production. French is the teaching language for the vast majority of courses. As pointed out by the HCERES assessment in 2016, the PBT Master,  is characterized by a strong national visibility, a very good success rate for graduation (93 %) and professional integration (82 %) as well as by strong involvement of researchers in the teaching programmes.

     Angers, a great place for students to live !