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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    9. Achieving triple performance by eco-quali-design

    9. Achieving triple performance by eco-quali-design

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    Acheving triple performance by eco-quali-design - The case study of Wine sector

    Eco-Quali-Design, Wine sector, triple performance









    The ability to jointly take account of all these dimensions will be a key factor for,

    • Innovation,
    • Differentiation,
    • Competitiveness of French agricultural and food production.


    Last update: January 2018

    The word of ADEME

     Vincent Colomb


    Vincent Colomb

    Environmental Assessment Engineer (LCA) for Food Products

    ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management)


    The fight against climate change and the necessary ecological transition will lead to deep changes in the food supply of French people and in the agricultural sectors. Driven by the market and encouraged by publics authorities, agricultural and agri-food businesses must seize this opportunity by offering products that combine taste, nutrition and health with environmental and social performance. The Food General Assembly will be another step in this direction.

    Some operators are already in action, sometimes with the support of ADEME, mobilising their technical and organisational know-how: here omelettes (Daucy), there sugar (Cristal Union) or even certain appellations of Vin de Loire and the Champagne sector. Using scientific tools for environmental perfomance assessment, they make changes in their practices from the field to the plate, quantify their progress in a transparent manner and get involved in "eco-design" approaches. This work raises questions of agricultural practices, technology, modes of collaboration and innovation, economics, etc. These are all topics that are conducive to active collaboration between the fields and research. In Anjou, teams from the ESA (Ecole Spérieure d'Agricultures, Angers) are at the forefront of the subject, an opportunity that is to be seized by all regional players.


    • Quality     
    • Environment     
    • Economy     
    • Performance     
    • Production systems     
    • Technical itineraries     
    • Eco conception  
    • Consumers


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    Looking for partners?

    Two contacts to support your projects:

    • Anna Pineau,

    Anna Pineau
    contact to support your R&D projects and put you in touch





    • Tanegmart Redjala

    Tanegmart Redjala
    Close interface with the laboratoires of the Federative Research Structure "Quasav"




    • Christel Reneaud-Gentié

    Christel Reneaud-Gentié
    head of eco-quali-design topic USC GRAPPE (ESA-INRA),

    c.renaud @ groupe-esa.com