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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Physical quality of seeds

    Physical quality of seeds

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    Seed internal morphology

    • Detection and measurement of the structure and internal organs of seeds by X-ray imaging.
    Example of use:

    PeaMUST project (2012-2020)  -  Funded by Programme d’Investissements d’avenir

    An analytical protocol is being developed for high-throughput detection of bruche damage on peas and faba beans, by X-ray tomography.

    Potential benefit:

    Identify very quickly varieties of peas and faba beans that are not very palatable for bruches.



    Joël Lépaché
    joel.léchappé@geves.fr (joel.lechappe @ geves.fr)



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    Two contacts to support your projects:


    • Aurore Gautier,

    contact to support your R&D projects land to put you through

    aurore.gauthier @ vegepolys.eu


    • Tanegmart Redjala,

    close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

    tanegmart.redjala @ univ-angers.fr