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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    3. Increase yields through seed vigour

    3. Increase yields through seed vigour

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    Seed vigour and seedling establishment: a lever to increase legumes yields

    Last update: August 2017


    Olivier Leprince
    Head of the
    Seed Pole of IRHS (Research Institute in Horticulture and Seeds)



    « Germinative quality is a key factor for successful crop establishment. Defects in germination or seedling establishment have dramatic consequences on yield.

    Europe remains highly dependent on importations of plant proteins essentially on South-American soybean. The adoptation of legumes by French and European farmers is still strongly constrained by yield instability. The challenge is thus to select varieties that guarantee a good crop establishment even in the current context of climate change and input reduction. This is one of the focuses of research of the Research Institute in Horticulture and Seeds (IRHS): experts of seed physiology and genetics investigate the molecular and environmental factors that determine seed storability , germination and seed(ling) vigour. »



    • Seed development
    • Germination vigour
    • Seedling establishmennt
    • Environmental impact (biotic/abiotic stresses) on seed development and seed(ling) vigour
    • Genetic determinism
    • Seed production
    • Varietal selection

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