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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Recent projects

    Recent projects

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    Applied research projects

    European project OPTIFEL (2016–2019): Optimsed food products from fruits and vegetables for elderly population and measure of their sensory performances.

    Interregional project CICHROM (2014-2017): Colour of cider products and perceptions by consumers.

    Régional project VSS (2014-2017): Perception of sulfite-free wines by the consumers.

    AlterQual (2014-2018) in collaboration with CTIFL: Finding genetic and biochemical markers to breed carrots gathering resistance to pathogenic agents, organoleptic and nutritional qualities.


    Numerous projects in collaboration with private companies

    • Validation of new varieties of fruits and vegetables
    • Evaluation of new cultivars of ornamental plants
    • Sensory position of wine compared to competitors
    • Identification of barriers and strategies to raise consumer acceptance of new products


    PhD theses

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    Looking for partnership?

    Four contacts to help you build your projects and support them:


    • Céline Brasse,

    in charge of Cellule Etudes of GRAPPE research unit.



    • Olivier Dubois,

    mission head Development Companies and Territories.



    • Ronan Symoneaux,

    research engineer Sensory analysis.



    • Tanegmart Redjala,

    close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

    tanegmart.redjala @ univ-angers.fr