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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Offers to companies

    Offers to companies

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    Collaborate with research

    Example of possible collaboration topics

    • Evaluation of te physical properties of alternative materials to peat
    • Effectiveness of products as substrates rewetting agens (natural or synthetic wetting agents)
    • Agronomic interest of the use of biodegradable pots compared to plastic pots
    • Characterization of the microbiological performance of substrates
    • assessment of the energy performance of greenhouses
    • Equipent efficiency: relocated heating, fans, screens,.. on productions
    • Seeking solutions to improve crop management (Instructions, temperature Integration,...)
    • Crop modeling (quantification of transpiration, effecr of water restriction)
    • Concept of innovation greehouse with low environmenal impact

    Training for professionals


    Also remember to recruit alternating students
    (in professionalization contrect or apprenticeship contract).


    Thomas Heitz


    Thomas Heitz

    thomas.heitz @ agrocampus-ouest.fr



    Do not miss, in Angers, France

    The congress will include a specific session dedicated to professionals (producers, technicians, star-ups, applied research), on June 19th .


    Pierre-Emmanuel Bournet


    Pierre-Emmanuel Bournet









    Looking for partners?

    Two contacts to support your projects:

    • Emeline Defossez,

    contact to support your R&D projects and put you in touch






    • Tanegmart Redjala

    Close interface with the laboratoires of the Federative Research Structure "Quasav"