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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Offers to companies

    Offers to companies

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    Examples of topics for collaboration

    • Characterize the diversity of your genetic resources at the molecular level
    • Improve your breeding programs on various ornamental species
    • Improve cultivation itineraries to direct the shape of your plants or boost their production in metabolites
    • Investigate the hormonal regulation of bud bursting
    • Evaluate new cultivars of ornamental plants
    • Assess the acceptability of your innovations and help you co-design your products with consumers
    • Develop in vitro multiplication tools
    • To develop alternative methods to fight pathogens and pests (biocontrol, elicitors, etc.)
    • Identify markers for plant disease resistance


    SUCCESS STORY - Hydrangea diseases, very promising results


    Strenghten your R&D by recruiting :

    • a CIFRE PhD student (financial support by ANRT and CIR)
    • a recent PhD graduate (financial support by CIR)

    Also consider recruiting working students (in contract of professionalization or apprenticeship)


    Training for enterprises

    January 8 to January 12, 2018



    • Thomas Heitz, Head of Lifetime Learning, Agrocampus Ouest

    thomas.heitz@agrocampus-ouest.fr (thomas.heitz @ agrocampus-ouest.fr)


    • René Siret, Chief Executive Officer, ESA

    r.siret @ groupe-esa.com


    • Sonia Boucheron, officer for Lifelong learning, Angers University

    sonia.boucheron @ univ-angers.fr



    or share your needs with us!



    • Understand and improve the perceived quality of your products

    (r.symoneaux @ groupe-esa.com)
    Ronan Symoneaux

    r.symoneaux @ groupe-esa.com




    • Co-innovate with the consumer

    Olivier Dubois




    • Evaluation of the resistance of a variety of rose bush to black spot disease


    • Conduct of trials in a controlled environment

    Expertise of IRHS:



    • Study of genetic diversity? In support of your breeding program


    • In vitro multiplication



    Looking for partners?

    Two contacts to support your projects:


    • Aurore Gautier,

    contact to support your R&D projects land to put you through

    aurore.gauthier @ vegepolys.eu


    • Tanegmart Redjala,

    close interface with the laboratories of the Research Federative Structure Quasav.

    tanegmart.redjala @ univ-angers.fr