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Objectif Végétal : une dynamique partenariale

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    Our research units

    Our research units

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    SFR QUASAV is the Federative Research Structure on plant quality and health, mainly based in Angers, Pays de la Loire.

    It gathers 380 people in 9 research and experimental units:


    IRHS - Research Institute on Horticulture and Seeds



    LBPV - Laboratory of plant biology and pathology

    Determinism of plant parasitism and host resistance




    LEVA - Legumes, Crop Ecophysiology, Agroecology



    GRAPPE - Agro-food products and processes



    Intracellular Signalling Regulation of Ion Channels and Receptors

     Mode of action of insecticides, optimization of insecticide efficacy




    SONAS - Substances of natural origin and structural analogs




    EPHor - Physical Environment of Horticultural Plants




    BVO - Bacteriology - Virology - GMOs




    HORTI - Experimental unit for horticulture




    Partners of SFR QUASAV :


    GEVES - Variety and Seed Study and Control Group



    VEGEPOLYS - Research & Development Centre