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    Summer School 2018

    Summer School 2018

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    Plant Health and Quality Summer School Angers 2018

    4th Edition

    Du 2 juillet 2018 au 18 juillet 2018

    La Summer School Qualité et Santé du Végétal 2018  : l'inscription est ouverte

    Located in Angers, the Plant Health & Quality summer school is organized by one of the first high Education Training Centres in France on plant science with 2500 students/year and an excellent support for research and close links with major economic players. With 400 researchers, including 175 permanent scientists, 66 PhDs (in 2016), Angers is the first research centre in France on horticulture and seed sciences with track-record excellence in research focusing on quality and health of horticultural crops and seeds.

    Summary of the scientific program:
    Conferences : 10 one-hour conferences including international speakers
    (confirmed speaker : Carolee Bull from Pennsylvania State University, USA)

    Practical workshops: 13 training sessions including biological experiments or bioinformatic sessions (26 h).
    Personal research project under supervision of the scientific coordinators : 8h.
    Roundtable (3h) “Studying at Angers and preparing a PhD thesis in France” - General informations about PhD fellowships - Roundtable with foreign students studying in Angers and researchers.
    Scientific visits: nine visits including plant health laboratory (with demonstration of digital PCR), biological resource centres, interprofessionnal organisations, plant phenotyping facilities, experimental fields and greenhouses.

    Courses and workshops will mostly take place at Angers Plant Science campus or  « Campus du Végétal » which benefits from 8,400 m2 of laboratories and offices, 6900 m2 of greenhouses and growth chambers and cutting-edge technology in shared-access technical facilities.